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Wink Jones of Winfield’sHigh Performance Diamonds has been in the jewelry business since he bought his first gemstone, an amethyst, for a girlfriend in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in early 1970. Within days he was hooked buying and selling gems for his friends, and his life long love affair and study of gems was started.

The Wink CZ concept was born from requests for travel copies of more expensive diamond jewelry with the same quality craftsmanship using less expensive yet realistic looking stones. With that in mind, the search began for high quality, well cut czs. Several brands were tried and in 2001 Wink discovered the current supplier and master cutting that yields unbelievably beautiful, realistic stones from stable, high quality rough. A new line of lovely jewelry was born and now a mid ground exists with the same lovely high quality mountings and an affordable alternative to genuine diamonds and gemstones.

Wink receives great joy in working with people to create jewelry to make their hearts sing and that become heirloom quality examples that last for generations. Call Winfield’s at +1 800-524-7904 or contact us via the internet for stones and jewelry whose beauty will surpass your wildest dreams.

Melissa Sharp has had a passion for diamonds and gemstones since she was seven years old. While the other little girls were busy reading Flicka and Flacka she was reading mineralogy books! She had an administrative background, but left her high-stress, fast-paced executive assistant position to do something much more important – be a stay at home mother. When she first started working from home for Wink, her third child was only six months old and Wink hired her on a trial basis. In those days she would simply sort his emails and now, four years later, she is assisting clients with custom designs, Vatche designs, Wink CZ sales, and assisting Wink by keeping him organized. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients around the world through Wink, and helping someone see their dream ring come to life gives me the biggest thrill!”

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