Taking Care Of Cubic Zirconia

Taking Care Of Zirconia

CZ Cleaning

A cleaning product doesn’t have to remove your skin to remove oils and tarnish buildup. A natural approach with vegetable based, pleasant smelling, easy to touch GemCare Products gently removes dirt and leaves no film. A soft toothbrush will loosen any stubborn “goo”. GemCare does not use a harsh smelling ammonia base that leaves an invisible film that hastens re-acquisition of dirt. Gem Care cleaned gems just stay cleaner longer.

Natural skin oils, soap, and dirt cause a film that dulls the beauty and luster of any gem. When dirty, light is lost from the back of the stone thus causing it to look dull. GemCare cuts through that oil and soap and dirt. Each kit contains a liquid cleaner for the stones, a paste for removing tarnish from the metal and a soft cloth. The paste will remove tarnish from any metal, be it silver, gold or platinum and the liquid will take all of the “cookie dough” buildup from the back of your gems so that they can sparkle like they did when they were new. An additional helpful item is a can of compressed air such as that used to clean computer keyboards to dry your stone quickly to avoid water spots forming on the stone.

Look for the GemCare kit in the jewelry store section under Accessories. With proper care and cleaning, you can expect years of beautiful shine and sparkle to your CZ.  If your local jeweler does not carry the GemCare Products you may contact us for them.

Life expectancy

Old CZ ’s clouded, crazed and changed colors. “Why won’t Winfield’s stones?” you ask. Today the CZ’s on the market will never cloud or change colors thanks to the use of certain oxides that prevent this undesirable tendency.

So what can I expect as a life expectancy for Winfield’s stones? Damage can occur by hard use, an accidental blow or scratching with abrasive materials. Each owner is different in this matter. One of our clients works with harsh chemicals and constantly bangs her hands and jewelry against her metal equipment and into filing cabinets. She needs to replace her CZ every two to three months. Another client, who was one of the first to ever buy a CZ from Winfield’s several years ago, still has a ring that looks nearly new. When bringing a ring in for a prong check, her ring had only two tiny scratches on her stone, neither of which eye visible. Our supplier tells us that many clients have stones that have been worn for ten years and more with no eye visible signs of damage.

CZ’s, just like diamonds, can be damaged through hard wear. The most likely causes of damage to your new CZ will be polishing and setting issues by jewelers not familiar with the proper care and handling of CZ. The other major cause of damage is striking the stone against objects.

Some guidelines to follow:

  1. Tell your local jeweler your stone is CZ if you have it professionally cleaned and polished.
  2. Share with your jeweler the correct method to use for buffing.
  3. Store your jewelry in the box it came in to avoid coming in contact with diamonds which will abrade your cz should they come in contact with each other.
  4. If you do not have a nice box for your jewelry, consider purchasing proper storage for your jewelry. Under “normal” conditions, stones will not need replacement for at least two or three years if even then.

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